Saturday, February 28, 2009

A female human and a lioness put together to make a homieness. She is a warrior character that I created one day while I was visiting the Washington National Zoo.
Computer Illustration of a dream that I had. It is set in a Asian scenery at night.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I actually found a picture of She-Hulk online and I liked it. So I drew it using ink and brush. This was for my aunt, since she is a huge fan of She-Hulk.

I did this for my friend's mom. Since she likes birds, I decided paint her a hummingbirds, because hummingbirds are cute and they hum when they fly pass you.

I am a Asian fanatic. Anything that deals with Asian culture drives me a little insane. Because of my Asian fedish, I did this painting of a little girl that is crying over a lost loved one. the black flower in the bouquet represents the lost loved one. I painted this using acrylic paint and I think that the outcome turned out lovely.

One of the characters that I created. Her name is Rouge and she is a dragon mixed with a human. She has dragon abilities and mutant abilities as well. I used prisma markers, colored pencils, and paint for this character.
My monochromatic rose. The only color of a rose that I have seen is red. I love red but for this rose I didn't want to do that color. I wanted to branch out to another color. A bright color, so I picked orange.
I started off doing a light pencil work; getting the form of the pencil down and them I did a light black outline of the color. The shading was the difficult part, but I found reference for it and took it from there. I picked my light source to be at the top left hand corner so the highlights could be visible. This is one of my favorite drawings. Mind you, I only used a white, black, and orange colored pencil. That's right; this was all done in colored pencil.